Increase Home value with a Juliet Balcony

Juliet balconies have become common sights in all kinds of homes from townhouses to flats. Derived from the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, this architectural structure serves a myriad of functions. A Juliet balcony is usually small in design with a deck for standing on. It is the ideal solution when your home doesn’t have enough space for a large balcony. With Juliet balconies, homeowners get to enjoy skyline views without taking up too much room. You can have the balcony in any part of the home from the bedroom to the bathroom. A false balcony does a lot more than you may realise. 

Increased Security

Your French windows or patio doors can be designed to open into the balcony, which presents certain safety advantages. If you have pets or children, a balcony goes a long way in keeping them safe when a window or door is open. You can leave the door open when it’s hot and not worry about your dog jumping out of it. 

Design Versatility

Juliet balconies have numerous styles from which to pick; whether it’s a Spanish colonial, condominium, or Mediterranean home, you will find a false balcony that complements the overall design. You can have the Juliet balcony as simple or as detailed as you wish. Wrought iron railings are back in fashion, and they have a classic old world charm to them. Glass balustrades are also attractive choices, especially with modern houses. A balcony also brings an aesthetic advantage to the exterior of your home. 

Light and Ventilation

When converting an attic into a spare room, a Juliet balcony is a perfect way to let air and light into the place. You may not have enough space for a large French window, so a balcony will provide the room with the ventilation it needs, not to mention it will make the space feel less cramped. If the balcony is outside your study, the natural light allows you to work without switching on bulbs, which saves energy.

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