Most Trending Interior Designs

Are you looking forward to face-lift your house with the trendiest interior designs? These are among the cutting edge designs in the Construction and Home Improvement industry.
Mixed Metals
Mixing bright metals like rose gold and copper with fresh ones, such as silver is a trending interior design in London. Most interior designers in London say that they are no longer interested in matching all metal finish in living rooms. Some renowned interior designers in London take a strategic mix of gold, silver and black metals layers as a more current option. A perfect example is the Arteriors’s Nolan Pendant. It is a brass-finished iron featuring a dark bronze layer.
Moody Indigo
Some prominent interior designer in London are also developing a navy blues case. They use dark navy as a supplement to the mother of pearl and white marble. It is an emerging trend in luxury properties in most cities. Most customers are hailing the colour’s versatility and appreciate that it mixes well with other colours like as pink, cream, gray, sage and coral.
Painterly Rugs
Whether it resembles like a Monet or a Motherwell, a rug that is fluid bearing irregular patterns cuts the grid of rectangular furniture and rooms. They are unique art pieces that have the potential to impress virtually everybody. The most captivating ones are those made of silk that shimmer and continuously change colour.
Smoky Glass
Many specialists in interior design in London opt for smoked glass instead of clear glasses. Their take is that this distinguishes between raw and aesthetic or even male and feminine preferences. The masters of interior decoration note that the smokiness in the window adds a feeling of mystery and intrigue to the typical glass material. A perfect example is an intriguing effect portrayed in Sebastian Scherer’s tables for Neo or Craft. It exudes a sultry early 1970s style that reminds people of the intimate hotels that served perfect Manhattans.
Graphic Tiles
The allure of interior and outdoor coloured concrete tiles like those from Amethyst Artisan continues to excel from commercial to residence spaces. Most celebrated interior designer in London see it as a perfect integration of interior design ( and graphic design. Some designers also view them as a creative image-booster. Some say that the special tiles present the appearance that one is well-travelled.

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