Web development Poland

The different sectors of web development industry
Web development was once associated with the geeky people and the big corporate world.at the moment building a website has been as easy as ABCD. Time has lessened the workload and diversified the industry in such a way that the price of having a website is so cheap that anyone can have a website if you have a reason to have one. Web development poland also has increased in the last few years. I will briefly talk about the industry’s sectors.

1. Web design
Web design Is the first major part of web development. Web design is the selection of how the website will look in the long run, and it involves the selection of templates based on the type of website you want.it also involves the creation of how the images, fonts, texts, plug-ins, pop-ups and videos will appear on the site. Examples include web development poland

2. Coding
Coding is the writing of computer code to create a website. Coders mostly use HTML (hypertext markup language) programming language to create websites. HTML is used in conjunction with other languages like CSS, JAVA, and PHP to add more features to the site.HTML5 is the latest in HTML programming language.web development poland also deals in website coding.

3. Domain name registration
Domains are the last parts of the website i.e. .com, .co.uk etc.
One has to register the domain name for the site to have a name that will be associating with it.Registration of Domains done by an appointed domain registration company.

4. Web hosting
hosting is the placing of the websites in servers in such a way that anyone around the world will be able to access the site. This is usually done for a small fee to the data server owners.

5. Content management systems.
These are systems that manage the content on the website and show you the amount of traffic that the website is having. Examples include Google analytics.

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